PowerSport Technician Program

The PowerSport Institute Motorcycle Mechanic SchoolThe Power Sport Technician program is designed to create the industry’s most complete motorcycle mechanic & technicians. In addition, students are able to achieve their Associate’s Degree. Climb the ranks of the PowerSport industry! This motorcycle program provides for a well-rounded academic and professional background that allows students an adequate depth of education to prepare them upon graduation from our motorcycle class for supervisory and management positions throughout the PowerSport industry.

Polaris Snowmobile Mechanic
DynoJet Test Facility at The PowerSport Institute
Metric Motorcycle Mechanic Dirt Bike

This 48-72-week motorcycle training program will provide you with the foundational technical training that will enhance troubleshooting skills to diagnose fuel and electrical-related issues. The program is divided into three main sections: Applied Science degree giving them academic background needed to succeed in business and management.

  • The core modules
  • The off-road modules
  • The manufacturer-specific modules

The Core Training modules start with hands-on motorcycle training on day one and will enable you to efficiently perform service interval maintenance required on all powersport vehicles, including:

  • Engines
  • Fuel Systems
  • Suspension and Chassis
  • Electrical Systems

Off-Road Training on Polaris, Arctic Cat and Dynojet.  You will then ride into the off-road equipment module, which includes: ATV, snowmobile, utility vehicle and personal watercraft training on a variety of off-road manufacturers.  This module prepares you with the knowledge and experience necessary to become an entry-level Polaris technician and receive Polaris MSD recognition.  Arctic Cat (Catmaster Certification) Become certified on some of the most advanced snowmobiles in the field.  In addition, you will go through the Dynojet Academy and work with Dynojet’s Power Commander units and have the ability the take the Dynojet DELSA certification test. 

Finally, the manufacturer specific modules will train you on the top motorcycle manufacturers:

  • Honda (H-Protrac Professional) Officially supported by Honda Motor Company, this module is designed to provide you with the skills needed to become a Honda technician.
  • Yamaha (Yamaha PowerSport Service Academy Professional) This module, officially endorsed and supported by Yamaha Corporation of America, is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to receive the Yamaha Bronze Level Five-Star recognition.
  • Kawasaki (K-Tech Professional) Officially endorsed and supported by Kawasaki, this technician training module prepares you for work in a Kawasaki service environment. You will learn Kawasaki motorcycle, watercraft and ATV technology; Kawasaki fuel injection system operations; Kawasaki engines; Kawasaki fuel systems; and general Kawasaki maintenance and drivability procedures. You will also receive your Kawasaki Level One recognition.
  • Suzuki (ServicePRO) Officially endorsed and supported by Suzuki, this module prepares you with the knowledge and experience necessary to specialize as a Suzuki technician. Students will learn Suzuki motorcycle and ATV technology, Suzuki fuel injection system operations, Suzuki engines, Suzuki fuel systems and general Suzuki maintenance and drivability procedures. Students will be able to gain Suzuki ServicePro recognition.


Earn your Associate degree in Ohio and find out why PSI is the premier school for motorcycle training and complete PowerSports training.

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